Photo Prayer 2023-07 — Smart Phone Cameras

We cannot see without using our smart phones. Their cameras let us record and then share our experiences. But even as our audiences grow, the attention we get and the attention we give becomes progressively more superficial. Flit, flit, flit — only the stickiest of posts gets more than a glance. This, too, is how I pray — short, quick, fleeting prayers to the one person who has the time — or creates the time — to tenderly comprehend every precious hair on my rapidly balding head.

Photo of people looking up at Janet Echelman’s 1.8 Renwick, a fiber and colored light installation in the Grand Salon of the Renwick Gallery, Washington, DC. Many of them are looking at it with their smart phones.
Photo and text copyright 2023 by Danny N. Schweers.
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