For some reason, our neighbor’s cat loves to hang out in our yard. Unlike other trespassing felines, he greets us as we approach. He rubs against our legs, marking us as his own. “What a handsome animal you are,” we tell him. We stroke his back and scratch his head. No, we do not feed him. That would make El Gato ours. Today he followed us inside our home! After inspecting the ground floor, he climbed the stairs, hopped onto our bed, curled up, and went to sleep. As signs go, this is a good one. “Get him out of here!” says my practical wife. “He might have fleas!” Next day, he was back again in our yard, glad to see us and we, him. We do not let him in. He is not ours, even if we are his.


Photo of our neighbor’s cat claiming our bed as his own.
Photo and text copyright 2018 by Danny N. Schweers

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