Photo Prayer 2010-45Praise for Photo Prayers

I love getting your Photo Prayers - small unexpected gifts at regular intervals. Your photo/text combos always hit home and make my day! I first discovered you at the Delaware Art Museum - lucky for me! All the best, and many thanks. No human being can ever really know his/her impact on others.
—Renee, Wilmington, Delaware

I still enjoy your prayer emails. You are so creative in not only seeing the little bits of life that most of us pass by without a glance, but you have a real talent to concisely put your thoughts into words and marry it to the image. I envy the economy you use in both the photograph and the prose. It almost wants me to become more religious…I said almost. But keep working at it, you get nearer to moving me in that direction than most. Hope your not thinking about quitting the series. Heaven forbid!
Dennis Darling, Photography Professor, University of Texas, Austin

This is my favorite one yet! [Photo Prayer 2016-20] With thanks and blessings for your generosity for allowing us to share your incredible work!
— Donna Scully, New Castle Presbytery [which includes these photos and prayers in its MidWeek Musings weekly publication]

I've followed your weekly photo prayers for a couple of years now, and every week it is a joy to see it in my inbox. This week's is the best yet: both the sentiment and the photograph. [See Photo Prayer 2016-16.] Thank you for your ministry!
— Steve Boyden, Photographer

I am inspired by your determination to get these out week after week. I know it must not always be an easy commitment to keep, but I know there are more who, like me, get a little boost each time they see one, a big boost each time they read one, and every once and a while, like today, are encouraged to pay attention to the Sacred Small, and see the world as a more holy place. [Read more at: ]
— Dave Von Bieker, Bleeding Heart Art Space, March, 2016

Each of these prayers is a wonderful launching platform for spiritual reflection.
— The Rev. Canon Lloyd Casson.

Your photo prayers are such a gift to me every week. It usually makes my day and is such a creative visual experience, combined with 'beauty' and a spiritual meditation. You are teaching us that beauty is all around us, all the time. Thank you.
— Anneliese Strube

Wowww, The Lord has certainly gifted you in heart, pen and hand. I so enjoyed browsing through the pictures and seeing the captured thoughts that you so creatively imagined. I really liked what you said in your "about us" section of your site, "I search and experiment, trusting something excellent to appear at the end in spite of the awkwardness of the steps leading there. Do I pray while I'm working? You bet! The prayers themselves are often an answer to prayer." What a testimony of trusting God when life is difficult or awkward, and incorporating prayer alongside these difficulties. That's the reality of life! It's often so difficult and He calls us to walk with Him in conversation and to "trust" Him. Thanks Danny again for writing me and for obediently following the guiding of His Spirit. Would you mind if I shared some of your pictures and writings with class on occasion? The class I teach or guide is called "Homebuilders" I would describe it this way: "a ministry for families and all people who are interested in learning how to apply God's Word to everyday living and how to grow in love for Him and one another" All ages, stages of faith in Christ and non believers are welcome to join us.
— Yours in Christ, Wayne McCarty, Brandywine Baptist Church, Wilmington, DE, February, 2015

I have a "Brother" friend who is a Catholic missionary with SVD -- Divine Word missionaries -- 6,000 brothers and priests world-wide) serving wonderful causes; he is in Thailand. He runs a hospice for AIDS adults, usually dying parents, and a home and school for children of AIDS deceased parents. We are in frequent email contact with each other and I would love to have him visit your pix/prayer site. In the nicest of ways, you "deserve" each other.
— PGregg Opelka,