Photo Prayer 2022-11 -- Machine Made

Shiplap vinyl siding, lacquered steel, and tinted safety glass — let me celebrate them in image and song. It is good to praise mountains, forests, and creatures undomesticated, but let’s not lose our appreciation of the modern and machine made. Am I joking? Surely I am joking. Or am I? Others have set nature against innovation, the one sustaining; the other, wounding. I don’t buy it. There is only one God, of apples and Apples, of jaguars and Jaguars, of groves and grooves, whales and walls, volcanoes and canoes. Makes me wonder if any thing is in itself evil. Cheetahs and Cheetos? I am especially fond of the latter, sometimes not in moderation. God help me!

Photo of blue sky and shiplap siding reflected in automobile parked in an alley, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Photo and text copyright 2022 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Nancy wrote:
What a wonderful photo. And it is good to be reminded that "man-made" is not synonymous with unattractive…. But let's note that your photo got a boost from nature with the reflection being the medium… I am not sure that Cheetos have the same quality but they are tasty...

Tom wrote:
Wonderful post, Danny.

Mary Lou wrote:
Growing up in southwest Virginia, cars were an important rite of passage. It meant you had grown. You worked, researched, and finally you began seeking your dream. They were always used cars and girls never had one. Looking at this picture took back to watching boys spend their days worshiping their cars. I used to think "is this all there is?”

John wrote:
Really great Danny!! I would substitute Cheez-its for Cheetos though!! And put a couple more exclamation points after the “God Help Me”. I am having a handful and a half right now sprinkled on top of my fresh fruit and yogurt. I’ve sworn not to add more. Pray for me now.

Audrey wrote:
😂👍🏽🥀 Lol, don’t do Cheetos but used to lust after potato chips! Able to give that up finally but oh how I love 🥖. Fresh from bakery or store shelf. Pacing and planning my consumption of that now🤣🤣🤣

Kerry wrote:
I love the words and the image. Truth.

Donald (a professional chef) wrote:
Love this!! Great photo, too!

Bernadette wrote:
My sentiments 'xactly! --only told with poetic beauty!

Elaine wrote:
Unique! Your vision, your thoughts, and your words!

Chip wrote:
Great photo Danny!!

Susan wrote:
I just love this!!

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