Photo Prayer 2022-10 -- You Never Know When Or Where

You never know when or where. That’s what I say to my photography students. (I like to think they listen to every word.) I tell them that you never know when or where you might find the best photo. Expect to be surprised is what I tell them. Have your camera near at hand. Maybe you are carrying your laundry upstairs when you notice how lovely the light is falling on your napping spouse and the wide-awake dog. Quick! Get the camera! I am not one to say everyone is always beautiful or that all moments everywhere are full of God’s grace. If they are, I don’t see it. Perhaps I am blind. (I am often blind.) What I do say is that we never know when beauty or grace will find us. Beauty and grace may not be everywhere always but they may be nearby soon. Will we see them if they appear? Or will we once again pass them by, we the oblivious?

Alert dog and sleeping spouse. Photo and text copyright 2022 by Danny N. Schweers.
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Karen wrote:
There is something beautiful in a napping spouse and her beautiful companion watching over her! Nice capture!Elaine wrote:
What a beautiful and tender moment you happened upon there Danny. Full of grace.

Bernadette wrote:
An especially great one, Danny! Thanks for sharing! I've been telling myself this since I was a kid but never made a point to grab my camera. Much easier now for us amateurs now with smartphones...

Kerry wrote:
Magic is always somewhere in between the lines, in small things!

Nancy wrote:
Such a beautiful photo; I think that at times we are all "blind" to the beauty around us but then we are blessed by being guided to see...

Marty wrote:
Wonderful, Danny. As usual! Joy to your day.

Christina wrote:

David wrote:
Blessed devotion!

John wrote:
Beautiful picture, Danny. Thoughts to live (and photograph) by.

Hugh wrote:
Great shot!

James wrote:
To be sensitive to the beauty always around us!

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