Photo Prayer 2023-01 -- Things kept going wrong but that didn’t bother us.

Why did our companionship, in spite of events, continue as cheerfully as ever? Why didn’t our spirits sink? First, the Uber driver’s map app took him to the other side of Central Park from where we were actually waiting in the dark and the cold. Then, having arrived at last at our destination, we saw a sign in the window of our highly-recommended restaurant: TAKE OUT ONLY. Before we could begin to think of what to do next, six fierce fire engines arrived suddenly, closing the street, their spinning lights turning everything red around us. None of this dismayed us. Why not? Perhaps because we were simply delighted to be in each other’s company after many months apart. These distractions only increased our fellowship. Even now, I would be in such company again — whenever apps go wonky, recommendations fail, and the world is full of false alarms.

Photo of New York City Fire Department units at E. 74th Street and 2nd Avenue.
Photo and text copyright 2023 by Danny N. Schweers.
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