Photo Prayer 2022-08 — Saint Javelin

We have a new icon. Baby Jesus has been neatly excised from Mother Mary’s arms. Now she cradles a missile launcher in her hands. Now she bears arms against the Russian Bear, her name changed to Saint Javelin, destroyer of tanks, patroness of the Ukraine Army, her image now a favorite at tattoo parlors, the new icon decorating the arms of defiant defenders, posturing wannabes, and the honestly religious, people like us who want to do more than watch TV, donate money, and pray. I pray we will do more. Again and again my country has embraced as friends nations who were once our bitter enemies. We forgave. They forgave. We reconciled. I wonder what icon embodies that spirit? That’s the tattoo I want.

Saint Javelin artwork based on the 2012 painting “Madonna Kalashnikov” by American artist Chris Shaw, used with the artist’s permission. Text copyright 2022 by Danny N. Schweers. Those who comment get to see all the comments and the author’s responses.
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Such an important message, Danny. Thanks for reminding us of the Gospel!
President, Interfaith Veterans Workgroup

Kathy wrote:
I feel your pain and frustration. What is this craziness we are living in?

Craig wrote:
I saw a tattoo yesterday on a young woman's arm: it was a young woman, kneeling at the foot of a huge cactus, and hugging it, face buried in her arms… I am really not a tattoo guy, but this one was very artfully executed and the design striking…. I asked her what it meant, and she really couldn't tell me….. Interesting, I thought, to be so ambivalent about such an advertisement on your arm...

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