Photo Prayer 2020-41 -- Keep Moving

The freeway traffic which had been flying came to a stop. Then slowly, fitfully, we moved ahead a few feet at a time until the accident appeared, vehicles spun sideways to the now hesitant flow, one car its rear violently crushed, we no longer impatient. All I get is a quick sideways glance at a man lying on the ground trying to raise his head, the shoulders of his plaid shirt covered in blood. Someone is kneeling next to him, caring for the injured. What can one do when the ambulances have not yet arrived? One good Samaritan stands waving us onward. He seems to be saying, “Keep moving. Keep moving. This doesn’t concern you. Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.”

Photo of Interstate 95 in the Fort McHenry Tunnel under Baltimore Harbor, Maryland, the lowest point in the entire Interstate System.
Photo copyright 2014; text, 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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