Photo Prayer 2020-30 -- Amish Farm Silos

Acidification through anaerobic fermentation — that is one way of understanding the silos we so readily associate with Amish farms. Maize, sorghum, and other cereals are harvested whole, the entire plant cut into half-inch pieces that then fill air-tight silos 35-to-40 feet tall. Within two weeks, the carbohydrates ferment and acidify, making the silage more mildew resistant and more digestible by the cattle, sheep, and horses that will be kept alive through the coming winter months. Who, living for today, being in the moment, plans this far ahead? Not me! I hardly know what I will be doing an hour from now, but I can learn, can’t I? Can’t we?

Photograph of farm silos in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
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Photo and text copyright 2020 by Danny N. Schweers.

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