Photo Prayer 2019-33 -- Science Fiction

The moon is an egg waiting to be hatched.
Simple geometry is an oxymoron.
Where do thoughts come from?
Thoughts appear in our minds as if from nowhere.
Does that make them ours?
Can we claim credit?
At the end of a sentence, put a period.
At the end of your life, an exclamation point!
Nobody thanks a machine,
the virtual receptionist on the telephone
when we want to speak to a living being.
We thank those who could have done otherwise.
Thank God!

Photo of an egg on a steel plate.
Photo and text copyright 2019, by Danny N. Schweers.

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Craig wrote:
Not sure I understand this.... but I like it. The more inscrutable, the better, I say. I do agree with you on geometry — God's introduction of Hell into a classroom setting. One of my very best high school memories is vomiting on the geometry final. The teacher was not pleased nor impressed. And I still had to take the exam.... Go figure… My teachers were priests. Not big on laughter… But my classmates thought it was hilarious, and I became a minor legend on campus. The real joke was that this priest and I had an ongoing feud that was quite well-known among my classmates. The vomiting was my final jab at him, an unanswerable gesture of rebellion and distain. At least I thought it was unanswerable… until I got that “D” on the report card.

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