Photo Prayer 2019-28 -- Take Your Seat

Your place at the table is waiting. No matter who you are or what you have done, where you have been or where you are going, take your seat. Ask the server for whatever you want but eat the meal you get. Open your mouth and chew. No one else has ever been served this dish before or ever will be again. It is for you to savor, swallow, and digest. Though many find reason to complain, you shall be thankful, even joyful. Look! Here comes the server now. She is smiling! What is she carrying? Can it be? Is that really for you?

Photo of a table set at Lime Tequila Cantina, Fall River, Massachusetts.
Photo and text copyright 2019 by Danny N. Schweers.

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Subscriber Comments

Nina wrote:
Nighthawk revisited.
Bill wrote:
Nice. The photo reminds me of Edward Hopper’s painting of a restaurant at night, but seen from the inside. The poem is wonderful. “Eat the meal you get” is great advice. Thanks.
Walter wrote:
Coupl’a people short of an Edward Hopper.
Kathy wrote:
What a sweet thought, thank you.
Cookie wrote:
Cool pic! Thank you for giving me a seat at your table. ☺️
Peter wrote:
Reminds me of the well-known and very old Russian icon of the Trinity in which the three members of the Trinity are seated at a table for four, and the empty space at the table is waiting for the viewer to join them.

Mary wrote:
Ray and I just purchased [a framed print of] Take Your Seat to be hung in or near our kitchen. Guests who sit at our table and eat meals that I prepare need to be reminded of the sentiment expressed. For me, it might give me more confidence in the kitchen! I really like your Photo Prayers and look forward to them in my Inbox.

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