Photo of a flagman holding a stop sign on Harvey Road, Arden, Delaware
very late at night while a crew repairs a break in a water line.

Photo 2010 and prayer 2015 by Danny N. Schweers

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Some Comments from Subscribers and the Author's Reply:

Pat, who makes a point of commenting on every prayer pic, says:
An interesting concept, time. I will have to ponder this one some moreā€¦.

The Author Replied:
Some of my photos and prayers invite instant comment from many. Not this one, perhaps because the image is so lonely, like the images of Edward Hopper. Or perhaps it was because the prayer is so theological, touching on St. Paul's belief that Christ freed us from God's Law, that we are now bound by love. That said, I found myself thinking about what I had written all the next week, every time I was in traffic.