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Everyone suffers
but please, dear Lord,
send us better troubles,
not these embarrassing
recurring vices
that merely serve to
keep us humble.


Photo of a huge paperback thriller.
Photo copyright © 2010; prayer, 2012 by Danny N. Schweers.



At least two readers found this prayer humorous. Often when I'm serious, it comes off as humorous. My vices are petty, reminding me of St. Paul's injunction to "sin boldly." In the way of explanation, everyone has troubles, even the most spiritually advanced. My troubles are few; my vices, petty and keep me humble. If I must have troubles, I'd like ones people admire me facing, my jaw resolute, my prayers answered. An addiction to reading action novels or watching late-night TV? No one is going to admire me for dealing with those vices!

A different question is whether genre novels such as thrillers and mysteries are ever good literature, a question Arthur Krystal wrote about in the May 28, 2012 New Yorker.

Judith: A Dragnet for Assassin? :)

Patricia: I laughed out loud. My trashy novels are tumbling down on top of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betty: I love your humorous prayers. They are so you!

Alex: Amen to that. As always, beautiful picture. Have a great day, Danny, possibly with -- but hopefully free of -- better vices.

Theresa: I am usually right with you in relating to your prayers. You lost me on this one! Here is where I could not keep up... better troubles? ...recurring vices that keep us humble? You can probably explain in one sentence. :o)

Terri: I listened to an interesting segment on "On Being" on NPR, and the man who was being interviewed stated "There are blessings in my curses." Interesting, isn't it? I'm not sure that I want to pray for "better troubles", but it is interesting to ask why we need to read about such terrible things when life is often challenging enough.