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Great is Jehovah, the Lord, for heaven and earth testify to His great pow'r! 'Tis heard in the fierce raging storm, In the torrent's loud thundering roar; 'Tis heard in the rustling of leaves in the forest, Seen in the waving of golden fields, In loveliest flowers' gaudy array, 'Tis seen in myriad stars of heaven. Fierce it sounds in the thunder's loud roll, and flames in the lightning's brightly quivering flash. Yet clearer thy throbbing heart to thee proclaims Jehovah's pow'r, The Lord God Almighty. Look thou praying to Heav'n, and hope for grace and for mercy. Great is Jehovah, the Lord!


Text from an anthem performed at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Photo copyright 2007 by Danny N. Schweers.