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photo: still water looks like gold in the light of the sun


Be still, my soul, and rest upon the Lord in quiet certainty. For He has come to rescue you from doubt. And now you stand in blazing glory of a risen sun that cannot set. It will forever be exactly as it is. You stand with Him within a radiance prepared for you before time was and far beyond its reach. Be still and know. And knowing, be you sure your Lord has come to you. There is no doubt that stands before His countenance, nor can conceal from you what He would have you see. The sun has risen. He has come at last. Where stands His presence there can be no past. Be still, my soul, and rest upon the Lord Who comes to keep the promise of His word.

When our souls are still, sometimes we can feel the breath of God moving across the surface. When our souls are turbulent, sometimes our souls are touched by God's grace in a quarter-second flash.

Photo copyright 2007 by Danny N. Schweers.